Books on the Law of Attraction – How Are They Helpful?

Many people start learning about the Law of Attraction through word-of-mouth or by watching a movie like The Secret. Some people get inspired and want to learn more, which is great! For these people, having a book or numerous books on the Law of Attraction to refer to over time can be incredibly helpful.

When you watch a movie or have a conversation, the information you absorbed is gone once the movie or the conversation ends. Sure, you’ll remember some of what you’ve taken in. If you’re one of the lucky few with an amazing memory, maybe you’ll remember it all. But, most of us will forget a great deal after a few days. Having books to refer to can be very useful.

If you’re wanting to start practicing the Law of Attraction, you’ll definitely want some resources. It’s not easy to shift you’re thinking. I know I wanted support and back up for when my habitual, negative thinking kicked in, and it did! I’d been thinking negatively for my whole life, and I figured it was realistic to expect re-focusing my thoughts to be at least a little difficult. In retrospect, I am so happy I allowed myself to indulge in extra support.

With a book on the Law of Attraction, you can highlight portions you find most inspirational, make notes in the margins about techniques you’d like to try, and refer back to whatever you need to read again when you find yourself getting stuck.

In contrast to a movie, a book can go anywhere with you and you can interact with it in natural settings. For me, taking my self-help practices into nature is hugely beneficial. There’s something about sunlight, breezes and plants that makes me feel more calm and hopeful. Something much bigger than me is making this universe tick, and maybe that same force will be there for me as I strive to improve my life.

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